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Casinos Do LOVE to Introduce New and Exotic Rules


Of course, one must stipulate the number of decks being shuffled (I used six for the above percentages). Likewise, the edge attainable by card-counting techniques varies, as expected, according to decks used, spread employed, and depth of penetration (the latter, as always, being the most important). This advantage ranges from 0.1% all the way to greater than 4.0% (not readily attainable). On average, 1.5% to 2.0% should be achievable. Note, also, that at most casinos, there is a $100 maximum bet and, in all cases, the over/under bet may not exceed the wager on the original blackjack hand. 

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The Truth about Online Casinos vs. Brick & Mortar Casinos

The Truth about Online Casinos vs. Brick & Mortar Casinos

Ever wonder why the big boys of the real world casinos get so bent out of shape when dealing with online gambling? A lot of other people wonder about that too. And the answer is really quite simple: online casinos are a better deal for the player than the real world casino is for them.

Online gambling has been with us since the mid to late 1990’s and it has grown into a whopping big $40,000,000,000 (or $40 billion dollar) industry! Most people have absolutely no idea whatsoever just how big and successful the online casino industry is and the real world (aka: land based casinos) owners are very eager to do everything in their power to stop the online companies and hold on to their business.

So, here is the low-down on the main truths that are relevant to the end user of casinos: the players. This is the information that the big casino business owners do not want you to know.

The number one truth that don’t want you to know about is that YES, online casinos ARE regulated. All of the online casinos are licensed and audited and there’re several worldwide governing bodies that police the online casinos relative to these all important certifications. You see that there’re literally hundreds of online casinos out there, but only a fistful of the online casino software development businesses. These companies are publically traded on a number of the big stock exchanges. What does this all mean to you? Well, the software companies are never going to sell their software packages to any casino that isn’t registered, audited and licensed by the appropriate regulating body.

The second all important truth that THEY don’t want you to know is that the online casino software is absolutely, 100%, guaranteed safe and secure.

Most of the online casinos use 128-bit SSL encryption (also known as Secure Socket Layer encryption). It is the highest security standard for online financial transactions. What few of you know is that this level of encryption is the exact same level that used by all of the world’s largest banks and other financial institutions. To put it simply, the online casinos use the highest level of industry standard online security that is available today: period.

The third all important truth that THEY do not want you to know is that the online casinos offer way better odds for you the player/end user than the real world casinos.

This is pretty well the single most important truth that THEY really don’t want you to know about and it is simple to calculate out. An online casino has far less overhead to deal with and that gives them the room to set the house odds to levels that are more favourable to you the player. The big brick & mortar casinos spend literally hundreds of millions of dollars on rent, power, salaries, security and a ton of other overhead costs. This is how most of the good online casinos can offer payout percentages that are 95% and often even more than that. Do your homework if you doubt that and compare those numbers to the land based casinos.

The forth most all important truth that THEY do not want you to know about is that you have the potential to win LITERALLY millions of dollars at an online casino. The online casino software has the ability to offer you progressive jackpot games with cash backing that is well into the millions of dollars. Look it up and you’ll see that in 2013, a Finnish man won the single largest jackpot payout ever, which was the impressive sum of $22,974,400! And in 2012, a man in the UK won an $8.2 million jackpot. These levels of winnings just do not happen in the real world casinos. Again, do your own research and see for yourself.

And the fifth and final all important truth that THEY do not want you to know about is that the online casinos have their various New Player Bonus packages and incentives. You as a new comer or as a high roller can take advantage of these types of bonus deals. New players at most of the online casinos are automatically given incentives like 80 free spins and at or near 100% deposit bonuses to try out the games at the casino. Again I say, go and do your own research and you will be blown away by what you find that is offered by the online community of casinos versus the land based casinos.


So, now that you’ve become educated about the truth, the real score of how things are in the online casino gambling world, the next time you want to gamble check your online casinos instead of going down to your local casino or a pricey trip to Vegas. Playing from the comfort and safety of your own home or perhaps with a mobile setup to game on the road or at a coffee shop is truly the 21st century way to gamble to your advantage.