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Casinos Do LOVE to Introduce New and Exotic Rules


Of course, one must stipulate the number of decks being shuffled (I used six for the above percentages). Likewise, the edge attainable by card-counting techniques varies, as expected, according to decks used, spread employed, and depth of penetration (the latter, as always, being the most important). This advantage ranges from 0.1% all the way to greater than 4.0% (not readily attainable). On average, 1.5% to 2.0% should be achievable. Note, also, that at most casinos, there is a $100 maximum bet and, in all cases, the over/under bet may not exceed the wager on the original blackjack hand. 

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Playing in “Fun” Mode at an Online Casino

Playing in “Fun” Mode at an Online Casino

Practice play and/or playing for fun.

No matter what your casino of choice calls it, these games allow you to play for virtual money. The upside is you can practice your skills while risking nothing. The downside, if you can call it that, is if you hit a stream of naturals you won’t be able to cash in. These are the most popular online blackjack games, as only a portion of the people who visit online casinos actually wager money.

Most online casinos let you download their software or play on their sites for free without giving a credit card number or payment account. If a casino does ask for this information before it lets you download, move on to another one. Even if they say they won’t charge you until you’re ready to play for real cash, there are far too many casinos out there that will let you play without sharing personal information to waste your time with one that tries to push you toward paying.

Some casinos offer free games online in browser windows. These games require an Internet connection, whether you’re playing for free or paying. However, if you download a casino’s gaming software and install it on your computer, you can play it even when you don’t have a Web connection. Again, this is a great way to practice on the train, in the park, or anywhere else you just want to enjoy the challenge of blackjack.

“Real Money” mode allows you to play for real dollars, pounds, yen, rubles or pesos. Please take note of the term “real.” A major criticism of online gambling is how easy it is to forget those chips on your computer screen represent your hard work. You are required to have a valid real money source (such as some, but not all, credit cards) and you must be connected to the Internet.

It’s a simple feat to switch to the real money game. Your main task is setting up an account. As with brick & mortar casinos, you shouldn’t convert more money than you can afford to lose into chips. This is especially good advice to follow since the government does not regulate or oversee online casinos in any way. This means if you fall prey to an unscrupulous dealer who disappears with your money or refuses to pay you your winnings, you have no legal recourse.

If you’re going to use a credit card, choose one with a low limit and plenty of security. Always expect the worse to happen so that you’re prepared in the unfortunate case that it does. If you use a card you make a lot of other purchases on, for example, you’re more likely to miss erroneous charges should your number be compromised.